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Good way to start the month…

July 1st! Where has this year gone?!! It’s been quite an adventure already! I have a few more cards done and I have a big pile of blanks to draw.
I sent out some cards last week and they have been well received. I appreciate the feedback and comments. It’s fun to surprise people sometimes! I’m going to be participating in an art event later this month so I don’t know how many cards I will be working on before this event but I will keep you posted on all the fun art stuff I have going on! Thanks for your continued support! YF



New cards!

Well I finally had some time to create! I really miss not using this part of my brain! 🙂 I was thinking that I’d really like to give these little pieces names/titles. My idea is to have the recipient leave me a comment here with the number of the card (found in the back) and I will tell you the title/name of the piece! Fingers crossed that this will work! Happy Tuesday everyone!