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It’s been too long!!

I just realized this post was never posted back in November! Well here it in in January… Happy New Year! 🙂
Hello! I’ve been away for a few months but now I’m back! I was busy working on some new things and  tending to family.  On July 21, 2013 my 90 year old grandmother passed away. She was sick for quite awhile so I’m glad she isn’t suffering any longer but its hard for the family she left behind. I was fortunate to have this beautiful person in my life for 43 years… My gram, Bertha Jean Marquez,  will be greatly missed!

I’ve also been working on new items for my Etsy shop (yfdesigns13). Working on new products and hopefully turning “Just Because” cards into something more…

People have asked me how they can get some cards to give out to other people so I have created a “blind pack” of (4) cards that I sell in my shop. You get (4) assorted cards of original watercolor paintings.  I am still doing what I started out to do, give cards to people, just because, but now others can do the same and hopefully bring smiles to people I would never come into contact with! I’m excited  to see where this can go!

I’m looking forward to giving out some of my new just because designs during this wonderful holiday season!!

I hope everyone has been well… Best wishes for beautiful memories with loved ones!

Talk Soon…


Painting with my gram … She created many smiles throughout her 90 years here on earth 🙂Image